Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Abstract Expressionism, Mixed Media, Alcohol Ink Painting "Petals of Ultramarine" by New Orleans Artist Lou Jordan

"Ultramarine Petals" is one of the Tiny Gems series that I created before Christmas to give to loved ones. It was glued to a w/c paper card. I then signed it and sent it of to one of our many family members and friends. I started one or two and kept on going until I had finished 100! (big family). I could do about 20 at a sitting - and it was addictive! They got better and better the more I did - so it was hard to stop. I took photos of them all before I sent them off so at least I still have the image. If you fall in love with them, I can do lots more - just let me know. They will all be different but I can keep to the same color palette. 

They make great cards for special people or a lovely display with two or more framed.

$25 each or 6 for $100.

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