Tuesday, February 7, 2012


"Harvey is a black lab.  He is almost two but still acts like an eight week old puppy.  He is loyal, playful, clumsy, and loving.  In the rare event that Harvey is able to beat his brother in fetch and gets to the ball first, his idea of a fun time is playing keep away from Tucker--which thoroughly annoys Tucker, who thinks of fetch as a job, not a game.  Harvey is also a slob.  He constantly tracks mud into the house from his paws and leaves slobber on clothes and couches.  Even though he has been trouble since the day we brought him home, his apologetic eyes and loving attitude always make you smile, even when he's eaten your favorite shoe!"

10x8 oil on Raymar canvas panel
You can see more custom pet portraits in the Pet Portrait Gallery of my website, or purchase a Custom Portrait of your pet from my Etsy shop.

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