Thursday, August 19, 2010

Digging deep

Yesterday ,with one of my private students, I finished a still life of Crabs, seasoning and boiling pot, alla prima. I LOVE WHAT I DO. What a gift I have been given from God. I try to share this love of art with everyone I meet and other artists that are trying to get their career going. I quit a full time job painting walls and mouldings a few years ago to fullfil my spirit and renew myself to a previous happiness. Money and stuff can replace what you love for a short time. It has been an adjustment, but one that in the long run is well worth it. My entire lifestyle has changed, Im not stressed anymore, I eat right
excersize, and take better care of my husband and kids. Last week an artist called me about advise... she is going thru the same thing, and has made moves to make her life easier and more productive. Use the gifts God has given you and your life will have meaning again! Dig deep inside yourself and let the creativity flow, trust me , you are worth it!

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